J C Mihindukulasuriya

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A 24-year-old female with haemoglobin E-thalassaemia who presented with paraparesis of 18 months' duration was found to have spinal extradural extramedullary haemopoietic tissue extending from T4 to T9. Complete neurological recovery followed laminectomy. The importance of prompt diagnosis and treatment, of this unusual complication of extramedullary(More)
In an open crossover trial, 15 patients with evidence of renal impairment, defined by proteinuria, raised serum creatinine or impaired creatinine clearance, were randomly allocated to treatment with either 40 mg frusemide or 40 mg xipamide daily for 7 days. After a 3-day mid-point wash-out period, patients were changed the alternative drug for a further 7(More)
Intravenous loading with 500 ml of 2.7% saline increased the clearance of PAH and inulin and urine sodium excretion in 14 healthy subjects. Intravenous propranolol (0.075 and 0.15 mg/kg) did not alter PAH or inulin clearance at rest but abolished the increase expected during saline infusion. There was no consistent effect on urinary sodium excretion.(More)
Fifty-eight patients, three male and 55 female, with radiologically apparent renal scarring together with urinary tract infection have been followed for periods from five to 13 years. Control of urinary infection has been attempted by antibacterial treatment and prophylaxis, and radiological appearances, renal function and blood pressure have been(More)
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