J C Mignot

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1. A fundamental question about motor control is related to the nature of the representations used by the nervous system to program the movement. Theoretically, arm displacement can be encoded either in task (extrinsic) or in joint (intrinsic) space. 2. The present study investigated the organization of complex movements consisting of reaching and grasping(More)
R esum e : Dans ce rapport, nous pr esentons le projet HPFIT dont le but est de fournir un ensemble d'outils interactifs int egr es dans un seul environnement pour aider les utilisateurs a parall eliser des applications scientiiques sur des machines parall eles a memoire distribu ee. HPFIT est b^ ati autour d'un outil de restructuration appel e TransTOOL(More)
In this paper about the HPFIT projectt6], we present a data structure visualization tool called VisIt, and a HPF support for irregular data structures with hierarchical access scheme.
In this paper, we present the TransTool project, whose aim is to design a restructuring tool for the transformation of Fortran 77 programs into High Performance Fortran (HPF). TransTool includes an editor, a parser, a dependence analysis tool and an optimization kernel. Moreover, we provide the users with a clean open interface, so that developers of tools(More)
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