J. C. Miao

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Two human ovarian carcinoma cell lines, one parental and the other a cisplatin resistant derivative cell line, were evaluated for the efficacy of combined treatments of mild hyperthermia, cisplatin and low dose rate irradiation (LDRI). The data showed that cisplatin (1 or 3 micrograms/ml for 1 hour) combined with mild hyperthermia (40 degrees C for 1 hour)(More)
The development of acquired drug resistance is the primary cause of chemotherapy failure in the treatment of ovarian cancer. To examine the mechanism underlying Taxol (TAX) resistance in ovarian cancer and attempt to reverse it, the present study induced a TAX‑resistant ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3/TAX using a gradient concentration increment method. The(More)
Human glioma cells were exposed to stepwise increasing concentrations of cisplatin and given a final, acute, high concentration treatment of cisplatin. From the surviving cells, eight cisplatin resistant clones were selected. These clones demonstrated a range of cisplatin sensitivities that were retained in the absence of cisplatin when cells were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate surgically related quality outcomes during the learning curve for board-certified or board-eligible gynecologic oncologists developing "new-to-them" surgical techniques. METHODS The study design was a retrospective review of patients with endometrial cancer clinically limited to the uterus and/or cervix undergoing TLH-BSO or TAH-BSO,(More)
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