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BACKGROUND The non-invasive diagnosis of vertebral osteomyelitis is a difficult one. Studies confirm MRI as the gold standard with 92% sensitivity and 94% specificity. Scintigraphy combined with Tc99-Ga67 used to be the procedure of choice before the advent of PET with labeled glucose, which has a high sensitivity and specificity, but cannot distinguish a(More)
BACKGROUND Several papers have studied the degenerative changes of endplates, but there are no publications referring to the Mexican population. OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to report the incidence of Modic degenerative changes in the patients seen at the Spine Service, Monterrey Regional ISSSTE Hospital. Specific objectives are: to describe the(More)
Lumbosacral facet dislocation, whether associated with a fracture or not, is an infrequent lesion in children. The mechanism is hyperflexion due to high energy trauma. We present the case of an 8 year-old patient whose condition began when a soccer goal collapsed and fell on her lumbar area. She was seen at the emergency room and the diagnosis was lumbar(More)
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