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BACKGROUND Bronchial mucosal inflammation is the major pathogenic process in asthma. In the latest years, induced sputum (IS) examination has become an important non-invasive method of assessing airway inflammation. Flow cytometry has been recently applied to the study of IS though it is not exempt of methodological difficulties. The aim of the present(More)
BACKGROUND Egg is the most frequent cause of food allergy in children. The bird-egg syndrome, found in a group of patients sensitized to egg through bird proteins, was infrequent in children. We report a patient with former history of hypersensitivity to egg who developed episodes of angioedema after ingestion of hen meat. METHODS Prick testing with egg(More)
BACKGROUND There are few references of allergic reaction to beans in childhood. We report the case of a seven years old boy who suffered from angioedema associated to inhalation of vapours from cooked white bean. METHODS skin prick tests (SPT) were performed by prick-by-prick with cooked white bean and legumes. It was also determined total IgE and(More)
A number of allergic, infectious and idiopathic diseases are associated with an increased number of eosinophils in blood. We report the case of a woman who was referred to our outpatient clinic due to asthma that had first developed three months previously and papular rash. Laboratory investigations revealed eosinophilia (23 %; 2,162 cells/ml). An allergic(More)
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