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We describe a quasi-planar HBT process using a patterned implanted subcollector with a regrown MBE device layer. Using this process we have demonstrated discrete SHBT with f/sub t/ > 250 GHz and DHBT with f/sub t/ > 230 GHz. The process eliminates the need to trade base resistance for extrinsic base/collector capacitance. The low proportion of extrinsic(More)
Differential amplifiers incorporating the advantages of both Si and III-V technologies have been fabricated in a wafer scale, heterogeneously integrated, process using both 250 nm InP DHBTs and 130 nm CMOS. These ICs demonstrated gain- bandwidth product of 40-130 GHz and low frequency gain >45 dB. The use of InP DHBTs supports a 6.9 V differential output(More)
Recent developments in highly scaled SiGe and InP IC technologies have yielded devices with f/sub T/ and f/sub max/ figures-of-merit well beyond 300GHz, bringing with them the potential to operate circuits of considerable complexity at clock rates exceeding 100GHz. An initial emphasis upon digital applications helps to put the technologies on a roadmap(More)
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