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Colonic complications of pancreatitis are not infrequent occurrences, as illustrated by the fact that the authors have personally treated 39 such cases. Lesions are found in the colon at sites which correspond perfectly to diffusion of pancreatic necrotic lesions along mesenteric pathways as described by Meyers. They occur mainly in the left colic flexure(More)
Para-sternal echocardiography proved impossible in a case of a large pneumopericardium caused by an oesophageo-pericardial fistula. However, M mode and sector scanning showed separation of the pericardium, giving non-homogeneous echoes, and shaded echographic areas caused by the interference of air which masked all recognisable structures. This occurred in(More)
The extension of infiltrating stomach cancer through the gastrocolic ligament into the transverse colon appears to be relatively common. The radiological appearance is characteristic, with more or less widespread, but shallow, extrinsic prints with irregular contours typical of malignant tumours. Its gastric origin is strongly suggested by its position of(More)