J. C. Lee

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This study was designed to investigate changes in cardiac performance during hypoglycemia produced by the administration of insulin in the newborn piglet. With heart rate, aortic pressure, and aortic flow held constant, the treated group demonstrated a pronounced positive inotropic response manifested by an increase of dP/dt max to 138% of control values.(More)
Host plant resistance is a practical and cost-effective approach for growers to manage insect pests. Recently, three new sources of resistance in black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis; selections ORUS 3778-1, ORUS 3817-1, and ORUS 4109-1) against the large raspberry aphid, Amphorophora agathonica, were identified. We studied stages of host plant acceptance:(More)
  • C. J. Marth, G. M. Gallego, J. C. Lee, T. P. Lebold, S. Kulyk, K. G. M. Kou +3 others
  • 2015
General strategies for the chemical synthesis of organic compounds, especially of architecturally complex natural products, are not easily identified. Here we present a method to establish a strategy for such syntheses, which uses network analysis. This approach has led to the identification of a versatile synthetic intermediate that facilitated syntheses(More)
MDM2 is a substrate of caspase-3 in p53-mediated apoptosis. In addition, MDM2 mediates its own ubiquitination in a RING finger-dependent manner. Thus, we investigated whether MDM2 is degraded through a ubiquitin-dependent proteasome pathway in the absence of p53. When HL-60 cells, p53 null, were treated with etoposide, MDM2 was markedly decreased prior to(More)
The advent of MRI technique has enabled the diagnosis of neuronal migration disorders(NMD) and made it possible to make "in vivo" diagnosis. Congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome(CBPS) is a recently described disease identify characterized by pseudobulbar palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation, and migration disorders in the bilateral perisylvian area. We(More)