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In solutions of increasing ionic strength, the molecular weight of melittin varies from 2840 (monomeric melittin) to 11200. This polymerization, concomitant with an important change in conformation (Talbot, J.C., Dufourcq, J., De Bony, J., Faucon, J.F. and Lussan, C. (1979) FEBS Lett. 102, 191-193), is accompanied by a significant alteration in the partial(More)
A preparation of cyclosporine A (CsA) in small liposomes (300 nm) was tested in a rat model of heterotopic cardiac allograft. At a daily dose of 1,5 mg/kg during 14 days, the graft survival rate was 30.4 +/- 2.8 days with a liposome-CsA solution versus 16 +/- 2.3 days with a Cremophore-CsA solution (p less than 0.01). Animals treated with the liposome-CsA(More)
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