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Reaction in superacid HF-SbF5 in the presence of CCl4 of vinorelbine yields (4'R)-20',20'difluoro-3',4'dihydrovinorelbine (vinflunine), whereas vinblastine or anhydrovinblastine give the difluoro analog. The reaction implies a 20' chloro derivative as intermediate which undergoes hydrid abstraction at C20' followed by halogen exchange. Vinflunine is(More)
The two novel prodrugs 4 and 11 have been prepared from tetra-O-acetyl-D-galactopyranose and doxorubicin in three and six steps, respectively. Their low cytotoxicity, high stability in plasma and, in the case of 11, efficient hydrolysis in the presence of alpha-galactosidase, fulfill preliminary conditions for their use in combination with monoclonal(More)
A series of new prodrugs of daunorubicin and doxorubicin which are candidates for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT) is reported. These compounds (25a,b,c and 32a,b,c) have been designed to generate cytotoxic drugs after activation with beta-glucuronidase. As expected, recovery of the active drug was observed after enzymatic cleavage by(More)
New prodrugs of daunorubicin, 1c, 1e and 2c, including a galactopyranosyl residue linked to the N-3' of the daunosaminyl moiety through substituted o- or p-benzyloxycarbonyl groups were synthesized. Their low cytotoxicity and high stability in plasma fulfil the conditions for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT). Enzymatic hydrolysis using(More)
Two major human metabolites of yohimbine (1), 10- and 11-hydroxyyohimbine (2 and 3), were prepared by direct hydroxylation of 1 under superacidic conditions. In this medium, the four positions of the benzene part of yohimbine were hydroxylated and the corresponding monohydroxylated compounds (2-5) were isolated. The structures of 2-5 were elucidated by(More)
The visualization of serotonin, 5-methoxytryptamine, and tryptamine in the rat midbrain has been made possible by the development of antibodies raised against these conjugated molecules. It has been suggested that 6-hydroxytryptamine (6-HT) might also be a neurotransmitter in this region. To test this hypothesis, 6-HT was synthesized and antibodies were(More)
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