J C Hurley

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A group of unique Epstein-Barr virus-containing cell lines was derived from the bone marrow of three patients with X-linked agammaglobulinemia. Efforts to obtain cell lines from the peripheral blood of these patients were uniformly unsuccessful. Immunofluorescence analyses as well as biosynthetic studies with [(35)S]methionine indicated unusual patterns of(More)
A theorem is presented which permits a determination of the amplitude of the signal generated by the passage of a particle of arbitrary shape through a Coulter counter. The theorem is applied to particles of two shapes, a sphere and a prolate spheroid. For the sphere the signal is directly proportional to the volume of the particle. For the spheroid the(More)
1. After separation by SDS gel-chromatography, analysis of AEP-containing glycoproteins from M. senile, indicated 66% amino acids with 220 AEP res./1000 res. and 30% carbohydrate for high mol. wt (greater than 10(7) forms and 80% amino acids with 25-50 AEP res./1000 res. and 10% carbohydrate for low mol. wt (2-4 x 10(4) forms. 2. Uronic acids, sulfate,(More)
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