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Surgical teams need to breathe air that is conducive to their health. An adequate exchange of air ensures oxygen supply, the ventilation of humidity, smells, toxic substances, especially narcotic gases and surgical smoke, pathogens and particles. With regard to the infection risk, DIN 1946 / 4 -differentiates between operation theaters with the highest(More)
The shortage of surgeons in the operative disciplines field has in recent years further increased. The training of a surgeon and the required lifestyle combined with the work-life balance of the surgeons are perceived as being less attractive, so that young doctors after finishing medical school rarely decide for surgical careers. Changes in the social(More)
Obstructive cholestasis is caused by mechanical constriction or occlusion leading to reduced bile flow. Serious complications such as jaundice and even death may follow. Little is known about the initial phase of cholestasis and its consequences for the hepatic microarchitecture. This in vivo study aimed to characterize the nature and kinetics of developing(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical gloves are an important phys-ical barrier between surgical staff and the pa-tient. They enable prevention of transmission of microorganisms in both directions, from the sur-geons' hands to the patient and vice versa. Besides the duration of wearing and the role within the surgical team, the integrity of gloves depends on the type of(More)
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