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Spectral analysis along with zero and standard-phase shift digital filtering were performed on evoked potentials recorded from 12 normal hearing subjects. The results indicated a progressive shifting of the mean spectral content of the ABR toward the low frequencies as the stimulus intensity was lowered. Despite this, the effects of zero-phase shift(More)
This paper focuses on turbine blade internal cooling. Internal cooling is achieved by passing the coolant through several rib-enhanced serpentine passages inside the blade and extracting the heat from the outside of the blades. Both jet impingement and pin-fin-cooling are also used as a method of internal cooling. In the past number of years there has been(More)
  • J C Han
  • 1979
The active ingredient in du Pont Krenite brush control agent is ammonium ethyl carbamoylphosphonate (fosamine ammonium salt, formerly known as DPX-1108). Residues in channel catfish exposed to 1.1 ppm 14C-carbonyl-labeled fosamine ammonium in water for 4 wk were found to plateau in 2-3 wk with an accumulation factor (ratio of residue in fish to residue in(More)
The control of a 75 centimeter diameter Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) [1] nutating subreflector, or Nutator, to meet the specifications of 10 millisecond (ms) settle time and 1.3 arc-second pointing error involves tremendous challenges. The ALMA Nutator has been under development since 2003 [2], and we have improved its dynamic(More)
This paper proposes an ontology-based user preferences Bayesian model (UPOBM) for user preferences problem of traditional personalized recommendation. The model incorporates Bayesian network structure and knowledge of ontology to express the casual relations among contexts, user characteristics and user preferences. Taking a restaurant dishes recommendation(More)
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