J C Goold

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Regular clicks from diving sperm whales, both large bull males and smaller females, were recorded in deep oceanic water off the Azores and subsequently sampled to computer disks for digital analysis. A total of 8540 clicks were marked and analyzed. Simple temporal analysis of the interclick intervals during feeding dives revealed mean click rates for male(More)
Waveform cross correlation and cepstrum analysis were used to demonstrate possible techniques to measure pulse intervals within sperm whale sonar clicks. The structure of sperm whale clicks takes the form of a series of decaying broadband pulses separated by a time interval that is a function of sound velocity in spermaceti oil and the length of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) vocalisations consist primarily of series of clicks, emitted almost continuously while animals are diving. These clicks are unique to the species and are made up of a number of regularly spaced pulses resulting from multiple reflection of the initial sound pulse within the head of the animal. The spacing(More)
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