J C Goffard

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A single oral dose of DMPT was given to pregnant NMRI mice on day 10 of gestation and the subsequent histological changes were studied in serial sections of affected limb buds isolated from 13-, 12- and 11-day treated embryos. Differences in abnormal skeletal patterns observed between fore- and hindlimb buds as well as between embryos from different litters(More)
A tired 32-year-old woman complaining of tiredness was referred for work-up of a possible immune deficiency. She had a history of recurrent infections since birth, which usually responded to antibiotics within a few days. Her mother, a nurse, had reported that early charts had disappeared. Munchausen's by proxy was suspected for years. Careful anamnesis(More)
The screening and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) to prevent active tuberculosis (TB) is recommended by the WHO in all HIV-infected patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate its implementation within Belgium's HIV care. A multiple-choice questionnaire was sent to 55 physicians working in the country's AIDS reference centres. Response(More)
Despite a global reduction in the prevalence of HIV-infection, the HIV-epidemic is far from over. The prevention of HIV-transmission in all its forms (sexual, mother-to-child etc) must therefore remain a pillar in the fight against AIDS, and both potent and accessible prevention strategies are required. In addition to the classical and wellknown methods(More)
Triazene administration to 10-day pregnant mice gave rise to severe ear abnormalities, including middle ear ossicle malformations. The head of the malleus and the body of the incus were sometimes absent. In some instances, the stapes appeared dysplastic. The stapedial artery was often quite dilated, as well as other cephalic vessels, but qualitatively(More)
Une femme, âgée de 39 ans, sans antécédent médical notable si e n’est une chirurgie de réduction mammaire à l’âge de 20 ans et ne opération des ligaments du genou consultait pour un œdème u visage. Elle ne prenait aucun médicament et avait un stérilet ormonal. Elle ne mentionnait aucune assuétude ni allergie. Elle xerç ait un travail administratif et ne(More)
Immunizations are extremely efficient in prevention of diseases with a lethal potential. Healthy adults, pregnant women and patients suffering from chronic diseases may have a different benefit from vaccine available in our country. Numerous health problems need to be addressed during a short consultation, relegating immunization to a position of secondary(More)
Since 1999, the Erasme Hospital Fertility Clinic has carried a special programme for patients with HIV seropositivity. The philosophy of the programme is to give access to these patients in a secure environment to the same technological facilities available to any other patients. Many of these patients being native from sub-Saharan countries, they are often(More)
The aim of our work is to identify new genes and proteins involved in the control of the proliferation of thyroid cells as putative protooncogenes and antioncogenes. Several strategies are discussed. A first study has allowed to identify three new genes. Further search will use the differential display and gene arrays methodology. The role of the identified(More)
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