J. C. Garcia

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Two of the most important solutions in position estimation are compared, in this paper, in order to test their efficiency in a multi-tracking application in an unstructured and complex environment. A particle filter is extended and adapted with a clustering process in order to track a variable number of objects. The other approach is to use a Kalman filter(More)
The work presented is related to the research area of autonomous navigation for mobile robots in unstructured, heavily crowded, and highly dynamic environments. One of the main tasks involved in this research topic is the obstacle tracking module that has been successfully developed with different kind of probabilistic algorithms. The reliability that these(More)
A new method for tracking multiple objects in an intelligent space is proposed in this paper. The observation model is based on a camera ring statically mounted at the ceiling of the environment in order to obtain all relevant information related to the different objects that wonder (get into and go out) in the space of interest. In the paper, the two(More)
In this work, new structures based on the PN junction are presented for the design of integrated varactors. In order to optimize the ratio capacitance per unit area (C/A), two varactor geometries have been developed: interdigitated and cross structures. Varactors have been characterized with a specific measurement methodology. A library of varactors that(More)
The present paper describes a new color image segmentation algorithm which it has been applied with notable sucsess in the supervised automation of the inoculation process of the microbian cultures. The method is based on the 3D histogram thresholding to divide the image which is converted into three-dimensional L*a*b* color space in two diferenciated(More)
In this work an intelligent infrastructure is shown, which allows to detect obstacles in railways, based on optical emitters. The sensorial system is based on a barrier of emitters and another of receivers, placed each one of them at one side of the railway. Apart from the disposition of the sensorial system, is also presented a codification method of the(More)
Different solutions have been proposed for multiple objects tracking based on probabilistic algorithms. In this paper, the authors propose the use of an only particle filter to track a variable number of objects. The estimator robustness and adaptability are increased by the use of a clustering algorithm. Measurements used in the tracking process are(More)
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