J. C. Fournioux

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A method has been developed for rapid propagation in vitro of Vitis vinifera cv. 'Pinot noir' from axillary-bud microcuttings harvested from plantlets initially cultured in vitro. The requirement of plant growth regulators for the different stages of the micropropagation was examined. BA at 8.9 µM added to MS basal medium was found to be optimal for culture(More)
The purpose of this research was, firstly to determine the ability of grapevine in vitro cultures to synthesize resveratrol, a stilbene-type phytoalexin that is considered to be a good marker for resistance of grapevines to Botrytis cinerea, the causal organism for grey mould. Secondly, this study sought to establish the relationship between phytoalexin(More)
A procedure has been developed forin vitro propagation ofVitis vinifera ‘Pinot noir’ from lateral-bud cuttings under high CO2 concentration (1200 µmol mol−1). Because of inhibition of rooting by CO2, this procedure requires a rooting pre-culture of explants on medium with sucrose before the CO2-enriched culture on sucrose-free medium. Shoot growth was(More)
INTRODUCTION Gastroparesis is the failure of the stomach to empty because of decreased gastric motility. It's a fairly frequent medical problem. Diabetes is the most common known cause. OBSERVATION The first case report is that of an 82 year-old woman, in whom acute gastric distension occurred, evoking a gastric volvulus on the scan. Upper endoscopy(More)
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