J. C. Ferrie

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The purpose of our study is to trace in vivo and during the perinatal period, the brain maturation process with exhaustive measures of the T2 relaxation time values. We also compared regional myelination progress with variations of the relaxation time values and of brain signal. T2 relaxation times were measured in 7 healthy premature newborns at the(More)
In this paper, we present a new automatic segmentation method for magnetic resonance images. The aim of this seg-mentation is to divide the brain into homogeneous regions and to detect the presence of tumors. Our method is divided into two parts. First, we make a pre-segmentation to extract the brain from the head. Then, a second segmentation is done inside(More)
Th CT and MRI appearance of 196 lymphomatous histologically proved lesions were rewied in 127 patients. A post contrast study was performed in all patients studied with CT; 118 lesions were also assessed before an iodine contrast injection. 40 lesions were both studied with CT and MRI, and 12 only with MRI. There is a single lesion in 86% of the cases with(More)
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