J C Dussaule

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OBJECTIVE To clarify the clinical and neurophysiologic spectrum of myoclonus-dystonia patients with mutations of the SGCE gene. METHODS We prospectively studied 41 consecutive patients from 22 families with documented mutations of the SGCE gene. The patients had a standardized interview, neurologic examination, and detailed neurophysiologic examination,(More)
Vascular remodeling and rearrangement of the extracellular matrix formation are among the major adaptive mechanisms to chronic increase in blood pressure. In previous studies we have found that angiotensin II (Ang II) participates in the hypertension-associated aortic and renal vascular fibrosis by stimulating collagen type I formation. The purpose of the(More)
Hypertension is frequently associated with the development of renal vascular fibrosis. This pathophysiologic process is due to the abnormal formation of extracellular matrix proteins, mainly collagen type I. In previous studies, it has been observed that the pharmacologic blockade of angiotensin II (Ang II) or endothelin (ET) blunted the development of(More)
Acute paresis of extraocular muscles has been described following infection or immunization. It is usually associated with the presence of anti-GQ1b antibodies. We report a case of post-infectious ophtalmoparesis that was negative for anti-GQ1b antibodies and positive for anti-GM1 antibodies.
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