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Radiation therapy of malignant neoplasms of the anal canal has promising results in the majority of patients if the disease is limited at initial diagnosis. Computed tomography (CT), especially when performed with contrast material injected intravenously, is valuable in the pre- and posttreatment assessment of the anorectal musculature and perirectal nodes.(More)
The problem of the toxic effects of ergotism is raised by two cases of acute lower limb ischaemia observed in young patients. Although commonly encountered up to the 20th century, the problem is now reappearing sporadically from iatrogenic causes. The clinical features and treatment of ergotism are discussed. Prophylaxis is based on two main principles: the(More)
should be qualitatively reliable for the nonconjugated cations (entries 4-6, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, and 20). The *-donor effect of the cyano group is rapidly attenuated with successive introduction of methyl groups (entries 1-3). That is, the most stable cations are destabilized most by the cyano group. This occurs since the inductive effect drops off only(More)
Deep bone biopsies were performed in 58 patients over the last 2 years, in a radiology department in Tours, France, under television screen control. Data obtained included pathologic, cytologic and bacteriologic features in the 60 biopsies conducted, localization being the spine in 52 cases (12 dorsal, 36 lumbar, 4 sacroiliac) and the pelvis 8 times.(More)
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