J C Dausset

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  • J C Dausset
  • Bulletin de l'Académie nationale de médecine
  • 2000
Predictive medicine or individualized preventive medicine, medicine based on the probabilities of carrying genes for susceptibility or resistance to a pathology, should be practiced with caution after a very strict evaluation of the risks-benefits.
The authors report a case of lupus showed in labour by the presence of generalised convulsions and coma after the crisis. This was followed by labile transitory hypertension, by massive proteinuria which cleared in 15 days, by major hyperthermia (higher than 39.5 degrees) and transitory agranulocytosis. The infant had a purely biological neonatal lupus.(More)
The functions of the genes included in the HLA complex have been studied mainly through the allogenic response, in vitro and in vivo. The sequence of this response was established thanks to primary and secondary MLC and CML. It appears that at least two clones of T lymphocytes are involved, the first in the non-self recognition through HLA-D differences,(More)