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Correctable errors, almost single bit errors, can be induced from random data transition in DRAM. In the system, most of CEs are corrected by error correction code, but there is intermittent system down. Several literatures have reported that noise generated from share circuitries is regarded as a cause of soft failure. Noisy environments are one of the(More)
A membrane-enhanced solar heat pipe loop is presented. The device enables heat transfer between an elevated and low-lying area using a membrane-enabled mechanism. A working solution is vaporized in solar collectors, producing vapor which carries thermal energy to a heat exchanger. Condensed fluid moves through a forward osmosis process back into the(More)
This study was conducted to determine how the isolation method of the porcine preantral follicles influenced the following follicular growth in vitro. Mechanical and enzymatical isolations were used for retrieving the follicles from prepubertal porcine ovaries, and in vitro-growth of the follicles and the expression of folliculogenesis-related genes were(More)
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