J C Bueno-Sánchez

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The successful implantation of the blastocyst depends on adequate interactions between the embryo and the uterus. The development of the embryo begins with the fertilized ovum, a single totipotent cell which undergoes mitosis and gives rise to a multicellular structure named blastocyst. At the same time, increasing concentrations of ovarian steroid hormones(More)
Preeclampsia involves an exacerbated maternal inflammatory response that suggests a possible role of innate immunity. NK cells can promote this kind of response through cytokine production and the expression of activating or inhibitory receptors. The aims of the present study were to explore cytokine production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells, as well(More)
The expression of endothelial HLA-E in the context of the systemic inflammatory response observed in preeclampsia has not been established. An experimental study was designed to determine the effect of the sera of pregnant women on the expression of HLA-E in EA.hy296 endothelial cells. First, measurements of protein fractions were performed in sera from(More)
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