J C Bregliano

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Several dysgenic traits may occur within the Drosophila melanogaster species as a result of crosses between different strains. Crossing two mutually interacting categories, named inducer and reactive, may lead, among other abnormalities, to a specific kind of female sterility that has proved useful for investigating the genetic factors involved in the(More)
In the I-R system of hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila melanogaster, the transposition frequency of I factor, a LINE element-like retrotransposon, is regulated by the reactivity level of the R mother. This reactivity is a cellular state maternally inherited but chromosomally determined, which has been shown to undergo heritable, cumulative and reversible(More)
We previously reported evidence that the so-called reactivity level, a peculiar cellular state of oocytes that regulates the frequency of transposition of I factor, a LINE element-like retrotransposon, might be one manifestation of a DNA repair system. In this article, we report data showing that the reactivity level is correlated with the frequency of(More)
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