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We compared qualitative aspects of the sensory experience of exertional breathlessness in normal subjects and in patients with chronic airflow limitation (CAL) and sought a physiologic rationale for these. Twelve patients (66 +/- 2 yr of age, mean +/- SEM) with severe CAL (FEV1 = 37 +/- 5% predicted) and 12 age-matched normal subjects (FEV1 = 103 +/- 5%(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To explore mechanisms of relief of exertional breathlessness following surgery to reduce thoracic gas volume in patients with emphysema. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 8 patients with emphysema (FEV1 = 39 +/- 3% predicted; residual volume [RV] = 234 +/- 12% predicted; mean +/- SEM) who were severely breathless despite optimal(More)
Immunohistochemistry was used to detect tyrosine hydroxylase (TH)-containing neurons in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus in male rats. Two weeks following castration, the number of TH-positive cells was significantly greater than in intact controls. The castration-responsive TH-positive cells were uniformly distributed throughout the mediolateral extent of(More)
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