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The overall objective of the present study was to determine the loading limits of composts that should be applied annually to irrigated wheat. We conducted a container experiment in a greenhouse during four years. It included eight treatments: sewage sludge compost (SSC) and cattle manure compost (CMC), each applied annually to a sandy soil, at rates(More)
Environmentally sound management of the use of composts in agriculture relies on matching the rate of release of available N from compost-amended soils to the crop demand. To develop such management it is necessary to (i) characterize the properties of composts that control their rates of decomposition and release of N and (ii) determine the optimal amount(More)
We present a study of rooted maps without regard to genus. First we prove the existence of a new kind of equation for the generating series of orientable rooted maps regardless to genus enumerated with respect to edges and vertices. This is Riccati’s equation. Solving this equation leads to a very simple continued fraction, and then to a new equation(More)
Respiration rate of foliarPelargonium discs was insensitive to ageing. The addition of BAP or GA3 to the ageing medium did not produce any effect. The presence of GA3 or BAP in the ageing medium induced an increase (27 %) or a decrease (45 %) of the phosphate uptake. The analysis of phosphorylated compound labelling showed that these two hormones(More)
The absorption of32P-phosphate (KH2PO4-0.1 mM) was studied with discs ofPelargonium zonale leaves, in relation to the age of the leaf, to the ageing process and in relation to the influence of GA3 and BAP. The results show that: i) the speed of absorption reaches a maximum which is characteristic of the adult phase (stage); ii) the “ageing” (washing during(More)
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