J. C. Arias

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While it is well understood that the pace of evolution depends on the interplay between natural selection, random genetic drift, mutation, and gene flow, it is not always easy to disentangle the relative roles of these factors with data from natural populations. One popular approach to infer whether the observed degree of population differentiation has been(More)
The genus Passiflora L. has about 80 species with edible fruits and desirable agronomic characteristics which can be transferred to commercial species for further breeding by artificial hybridization. The aim of this study is to determine the self-fertility (SF) and interspecific compatibility of six commercially cultivated species and six wild species as a(More)
At certain times of the year it happens that some pharmacies run out of stock of certain drugs. This could be avoided if a predictive data mining models the relation between temperature, air quality and type of population served by the pharmacy. In this sense the literature contains many references to the relationship of these factors with certain(More)
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