J. C. Arias

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Project development, especially in the software related field, due to its complex nature, could often encounter many unanticipated problems, resulting in projects falling behind on deadlines, exceeding budgets and result in substandard products. Although these problems cannot be totally eliminated, they can however be controlled by applying Risk Management(More)
At certain times of the year it happens that some pharmacies run out of stock of certain drugs. This could be avoided if a predictive data mining models the relation between temperature, air quality and type of population served by the pharmacy. In this sense the literature contains many references to the relationship of these factors with certain(More)
This article includes a discussion on the brain's ability to work around damage caused by injury or other insult, a discussion on different types of brain damage, and a discussion on the various ways for healing, or at least softening, the effects of brain damage. It also discusses motor, sensory, and autonomic function; the psychiatric aspects of traumatic(More)
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