J. C. Alexis Riter

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Most trials testing the effectiveness of psychotropic drugs begin with a placebo washout phase. Hypothetically this technique rids studies of placebo responders before randomization of subjects to drug and placebo groups. In theory, this lowers the level of response to placebo in the study and magnifies the superiority of the response to medication. An(More)
Reports of sudden marsh browning, or even dieback, suggest that the many heretofore “healthy” coastal marshes have reached some tipping point with respect to sea level rise, necessitating better and more widespread monitoring. In this paper, we examine spatial and temporal variations in marsh vegetation cover, substrate wetness, and sediment exposure for(More)
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the second largest marine oil spill in history, contaminated over a thousand kilometers of coastline in the Louisiana salt marshes and seriously threatened this valuable ecosystem. Measuring the impacts of the oil spill over the large and complex coast calls for the application of remote sensing techniques. This study(More)
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