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In order to study the distribution of neuropeptide Y-like immunoreactivity in the human hypothalamus, an immunocytochemical localization of this peptide was performed. Using antibodies developed against synthetic porcine neuropeptide Y (NPY), we have been able to localize immunoreactivity in neuronal cell bodies located exclusively in the infundibular(More)
The distribution of growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF)-like immunoreactivity in the human hypothalamus was studied by light-microscopic immunocytochemistry. With antibodies that we developed against synthetic human pancreatic GRF (hpGRF), we localized GRF immunoreactivity in neuronal cell bodies that were observed only in the infundibular (arcuate)(More)
Background/Objectives:Characterisation of the adipocyte cellular lineage is required for a better understanding of white adipose tissue homoeostasis and expansion. Although several studies have focused on the phenotype of the most immature adipocyte progenitors, very few tools exist to identify committed cells. In haematopoiesis, the CD38 ectoenzyme is(More)
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