J. Butler

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This study tests the appropriateness of multiplicative versus additive expectancy-valence models for 82 undergraduate students. Participants are grouped according to the model that best explains their motivational force decisions to exert effort in a series of differing hypothetical college courses. Two statistical tests are used for grouping participants:(More)
Respiratory motion is one major complicating factor in many image acquisition applications and image-guided interventions. Existing respiratory motion estimation and compensation methods typically rely on breathing motion models learned from certain training data, and therefore may not be able to effectively handle intra-subject and/or inter-subject(More)
  • J Butler, Smith S, Beykirch K, Bülthoff
  • 2006
Accurate perception of self-motion through cluttered environments involves a coordinated set of sensorimotor processes that encode and compare information from visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, motor-corollary, and cognitive inputs. Our goal was to investigate the visual and vestibular cues to the direction of linear self-motion (heading direction). In(More)
1. To determine if structural domains are important for nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChr) channel function, six mouse-Torpedo chimeric alpha-subunits were constructed (Fig. 2) and coexpressed with Torpedo californica beta-, gamma-, and delta-subunits in Xenopus laevis oocytes. 2. nAChRs containing a chimeric alpha-subunit were examined by voltage-(More)
There is a case for appropriately selected drug studies within the pharmaceutical industry in which employee volunteers are used. Provided the organisation and conduct of such studies are approached in an ethical manner, with attention to safe-guarding the volunteer and recognising the limitations, this work can be done expeditiously, cheaply, and safely.(More)
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