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Although network management has always played a key role for industry, it only recently received a similar level of attention from many research communities, accelerated by funding opportunities from new initiatives, including the FP7 Program in Europe and GENI/FIND in the United States. Work is ongoing to assess the state of the art and identify the(More)
This article argues for a cultural perspective to be brought to bear on studies of climate change risk perception. Developing the "circuit of culture" model, the article maintains that the producers and consumers of media texts are jointly engaged in dynamic, meaning-making activities that are context-specific and that change over time. A critical discourse(More)
Agri-environment schemes have been developed by the member states of the European Union over the last 10 years. Under Regulation 2078/92, the UK has supported English Nature in the implementation of a nature conservation scheme for wet grazing land in southern England. This paper explores the different understandings of nature held by farmers and(More)
This paper reports the findings of a preliminary analysis of 15 case studies of inshore marine protected areas in the UK. It draws on the common-pool resource (CPR) literature and is premised on the thesis that building partnership capacity amongst relevant authorities and resource users provides a critical basis for overcoming collective action problems(More)
We draw on a number of empirical studies undertaken in the UK to show how residents and farmers come to contest scientific approaches to valuing nature as the basis for adjudicating conflicts over protected natural areas. The findings of these studies suggest that a widening of the knowledge base on which the goals and practices of nature conservation are(More)
This paper presents analysis of citizen encounters with specialists in a deliberative process, called Deliberative Mapping, which explored options for addressing the shortage of organs for transplantation in the UK. There is a rich theoretical literature about the extent to which citizens are competent to question the knowledge claims of specialists in(More)
— This paper describes an experimental modular distributed manipulation system upon which one can implement a variety of control schemes. We have shown elsewhere that when one includes the nonsmooth effects of friction into a model of distributed manipulation, nonsmooth feedback laws must generally be used to control distributed manipu-lators. We summarize(More)
Although the science of global warming has been in place for several decades if not more, only in the last decade and a half has the issue moved clearly into the public sphere as a public policy issue and a political priority. To understand how and why this has occurred, it is essential to consider the history of the scientific theory of the greenhouse(More)
Front cover: Public protests demanding international governments to agree on lowering greenhouse gas emissions. This pdf copy is for educational use only. Any other interested users should contact the editors for obtaining the policy research brief(s).
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