J Bryan Poley

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STUDY DESIGN Part 1: A randomized, single-blind study on the effect of contralateral knee extension on sensations produced by the slump test (ST) in asymptomatic subjects. Part 2: A cadaver study simulating the nerve root behavior of part 1. OBJECTIVE Part 1: Test if contralateral knee extension consistently reduces normal stretch sensations with the(More)
Les Halles, Paris's historic marketplace, was once called " the belly of Paris " by Emile Zola. Les Halles was a Parisian institution. The destruction of the marketplace in 1971, especially the famed Baltard pavilions, set off a firestorm of debate and public dissent not seen on an urban issue in nearly a century. Within the debate over Les Halles existed a(More)
This thesis examines German memories of the Vertriebene, the twelve million Germans who fled their homeland in the face of Russian invasion in the closing days of World War II. I explore the acceptable limits of victim discourse and consider the validity of arguments about German victimization in light of the atrocities committed by Germans during the war.(More)
This booklet lists only those publications (books, articles and reviews) and public performances of creative works that appeared in calendar year 2014, as submitted electronically by faculty members to the Dean's Office. Conference presentations, works accepted for publication, and works in press are not included here. Please join us in honoring and(More)
This thesis seeks to understand the causal factors of deindustrialization in the steel industry during the late twentieth century and uses the former Atlantic Steel Company mill in Atlanta, Georgia as a case study. Using company records and secondary sources from a variety of social science disciplines, I explore the roles of neoliberalism, government(More)
  • Hristos X. Tzolis, XERXES TZOLIS, Hristos Xerxes Tzolis, Jared Poley, Larry Grubbs
  • 2015
Much of the available scholarship today underplays the role of Greece within the context of the Cold War between, the United States and the Soviet Union. The purpose of this study, we will place Greece as the test subject of a modern approach to war by Washington in assuming a neo-colonial master's role to reconstruct Europe post World War II. The following(More)
Cybernetics, despite being initially rejected in the Eastern Bloc throughout the 1950s for ideological reasons, rose to a high level of institutional prominence in the 1960s, profoundly influencing state philosophy and economic planning. This thesis is an examination of this transition, charting the development of cybernetics from the object of the(More)
During the 1960s, decolonization and the Cold War pushed many West Germans to concern themselves with aiding Africans. This aid came in the form of federally funded development aid or Entwicklungshilfe, student activism, and the continuation of missionary work. Utilizing print media, scholarly sources, as well as reports from missionaries and other aid(More)