J. Bryan Lyles

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This paper concentrates on one particular aspect of providing communication security: rewalls between domains of trust. We argue that signaling support for providing scalable security services is a design requirement. On this basis we outline a reference model for rewall technology. It captures the current state of the art and proves suitable for(More)
Performing repeatable and controlled cyber experiments requires the precise description of hardware, software and testbed assets used during an experiment. An experiment specifies the assets that are required to build the system under test and the experimental framework. Different assets must be specified at different levels of detail to ensure experimental(More)
Synopsis of Program: The "Campus Cyberinfrastructure-Infrastructure, Innovation and Engineering (CC*IIE)" program invests in improvements and re-engineering at the campus level to support a range of data transfers supporting computational science and computer networks and systems research. The program also supports Network Integration activities tied to(More)
The Cyber Scientific Method (CSM) formalizes experimentation on computer systems, hardware, software, and networks on the U.S. National Cyber Range. This formalism provides rigor to cyber tests to ensure knowledge can be shared and experiment results can be viewed with confidence, knowing exactly what was tested under what conditions. Cyber Scientific Test(More)
Suicide prevention programs for African American youth in African American churches may have broad appeal because: (1) the Black Church has a strong history of helping community members, regardless of church membership; (2) African Americans have the highest level of public and private religiousness; and (3) the church can help shape religious and cultural(More)
Revision Summary: This is a revision of NSF 14-597, the solicitation for the CISE/CNS Core Programs. The revisions include: 1. Revisions to the submission deadline windows; 2. Revisions to the Core Program descriptions; 3. The addition of language about proposals that cross the two Core Programs of Computer Systems Research (CSR) and Networking Technology(More)
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