J. Bruce Jamieson

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The EU’s Water Framework Directive requires all surface water bodies to be classified according to their ecological status. As biological communities show both spatial and temporal heterogeneity, expressions of ecological status will, inevitably, have an element of uncertainty associated with them. A consequence of this environmental heterogeneity is that(More)
The European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires that all water bodies in Europe achieve good ecological status (GES) by 2015. We developed an ecological classification tool for UK lakes based on benthic diatoms, a key component of the biological-quality element macrophytes and phytobenthos. A database of 1079 epilithic and epiphytic diatom(More)
Short wave radiation penetrates the top portion of the snowpack and is responsible for both sub-surface heating and fast changing temperature gradients during daytime. This affects snow metamorphism and hence weak layer formation and can affect mechanical properties of deeper layers. It is thus of crucial importance that snow-cover models represent this(More)
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