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Iatrogenic bacteriuria in the puerperium
[Effect of prostaglandin F2a on the contractility of the pregnant human uterus].
(PGF2alpha) Prostaglandin F2alpha was administered intraamniotically to 16 patients in 3 groups: molar pregnancy (8 cases), fetal death (6 cases), and anencephalic fetus (2 cases). These particularExpand
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[Lynestrenol and its effect on the contractility of the human non pregnant uterus].
The effect of lynestrenol on the contractility of the nonpregnant uterus was studied in 10 patients who requested fertility control. The patients had the following characteristics: multiparityExpand
Efficacy of Amikacin in Septic Abortion: Serum and Urine Antibiotic Concentrations
Septic abortion is a frequent cause of maternal death in our patient population. The great majority of bacteria isolated were enterobacteria. Since antibiotics capable of destroying the cell wallExpand