J. Bradely Chen

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With rapid economic development, most regions in southern China have suffered acid rain (AR) pollution. In our study, we analyzed the changes in sulfur metabolism in Arabidopsis under simulated AR stress which provide one of the first case studies, in which the systematic responses in sulfur metabolism were characterized by high-throughput methods at(More)
The objectives of the present study were: 1) to develop a simple and more efficient technique for sperm microinjection than is currently available, using the rabbit as a model, and 2) to evaluate the development of rabbit oocytes fertilized by single or multiple sperm microinjection. Hyperosmotic sucrose in phosphate-buffered saline (SPBS) was employed to(More)
The Poisson distribution is a fundamental probability model for count data, and is a natural model for the observed plaque counts in mutation assays using animals with lambda or PhiX174 transgenes. The Poisson likelihood for observed counts is a function of the mutant fraction, and it is straightforward to derive the associated maximum likelihood estimate(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Investigation of the relationship between mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variants and Parkinson disease (PD) remains an issue awaiting more supportive evidence. Moreover, an affirming cellular model study is also lacking. METHODS The index mtDNA variants and their defining mitochondrial haplogroup were determined in 725 PD patients and(More)
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