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Thin layers of silicon dioxide used as a dielectric for capacitors or as the gate oxide for a MOS semiconductor device are subject to a wear-out mechanism known as time- dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB). This physical failure mechanism has always been of notable reliability matter in semiconductor industry because of the incessant tendency towards(More)
High resolution time-dependent dielectric breakdown tests are carried out on 7.2 nm gate oxide capacitors (n-type) in the electric field range 8.3–13.2 MV/cm at high temperatures (160–240 C). It is proven that even at these high temperatures log(tBD) is proportional to 1/EOX and the time-to-breakdown mechanism matches the anode hole injection (AHI) model(More)
The effect of microwave-generated energy for the demonstration of immunoglobulins in periodate lysine paraformaldehyde dichromate fixed paraffin sections of human reactive tonsil using the immunogold silver staining technique has been evaluated. Results of the study show that microwave stimulation permits incubation times of both the primary antibody and(More)
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