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Auditory brainstem response (ABR) is the reference screening technique for acoustic neuromas, but because of a few false negatives and the increasing performance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), its role as the standard method has been questioned. We assessed sensitivity of screening tests in 89 patients with surgically proven acoustic neuromas.(More)
We studied the hormonal secretion of a human mixed follicular and medullary carcinoma. Thyroglobulin (Tg) secretion, especially by large cells and sometimes by small ones, was visualized with immunoenzymatic staining. Calcitonin (CT) was produced by small spindle-shaped cells. Moreover, immunofluorescence double staining performed on the resected thyroid(More)
The congenital fistula of the piriform sinus is a rare, often overlooked, malformation originating in the branchial pouch. More than 70 observations have been reported in the literature. The authors describe four new cases of documented fistula of the fourth endobrachial pouch. The terminology of these malformations and the different hypotheses concerning(More)
Post-traumatic infectious complications of the frontal sinus occur more frequently after multiple fractures than after isolated fractures. The greatest frequency is found with open traumas of the sinus, due to the presence of foreign bodies and to bone and mucosal destruction. Such infectious complications are curatively treated both medically and(More)