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In an attempt to detect and characterize congenital, neonatal and early childhood EBV infections, a prospective sero-epidemiological study was undertaken in 112 newborn infants and their mothers, 25 additional newborns undergoing exchange transfusion, 114 randomly selected hospitalized infants aged 0 to 3 years, and 109 siblings and parents of these(More)
Cytochrome P450 2U1 (CYP2U1) exhibits several distinctive characteristics among the 57 human CYPs, such as its presence in almost all living organisms with a highly conserved sequence, its particular gene organization with only five exons, its major location in thymus and brain, and its protein sequence involving an unusually long N-terminal region(More)
468 Background: In 2010, the American Cancer Society has estimated rectal cancer affects over 39,670 adult patients in the United States. Five-year disease-free survival for rectal cancer patients with stage II/III disease ranges from 60-70%. Current gaps exist regarding long-term effects after treatment including altered bowel function and health-related(More)
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