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The effects on auditory function caused by implantation of the bioactive glass ceramic Ceravital in the middle ear of guinea pigs was investigated. Auditory brain-stem responses (ABR) were used to measure hearing function. A threshold shift due to a conductive hearing loss was observed immediately post-operatively. This threshold shift increased towards the(More)
Male platyfish, Xiphophorus maculatus, ranging in age from 12 to 54 months (normal life span is 30 months), were examined for age-related changes in the distribution of immunoreactive gonadotropin (ir-GTH) and luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (ir-LHRH) in their pituitary glands, and for changes in the histology of their testes. Males sacrificed at 13(More)
The Hootch case was a class action suit that established the right of Alaska Native students to attend secondary school in their home communities. The authors review the history of Native education, give the background of the suit, and present behavioral science data on school adjustment of Alaska Natives and American Indian students. These data, included(More)
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