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Ab initio calculations of binary metallic systems often predict ordered compounds in contrast to empirical reports of solid solutions or disordered phases. These discrepancies are usually attributed to slow kinetics that retains metastable structures at low temperatures. The Fe-V system is an example of this phenomenon, in which we predict two ordered(More)
The coupled Dyson-Schwinger equations for the gluon and ghost propagators are investigated in the Landau gauge using a two-loop improved truncation that preserves the multiplicative renormalizability of the propagators. In this truncation all diagrams contribute to the leading order infrared analysis. The infrared contributions of the nonperturbative(More)
We analyze how individual eigenvalues of the QCD Dirac operator at nonzero quark chemical potential are distributed in the complex plane. Exact and approximate analytical results for both quenched and unquenched distributions are derived from non-Hermitian random matrix theory. When comparing these to quenched lattice QCD spectra close to the origin,(More)
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