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  • J. Bibb Cain, Tom Billham, Larry Foore, Fdwin Althouse, John Schlorff
  • 2003
' There is strong interest within DoD to utilize high-gain. directional antennas at both the transmitting and receiving end of the link in a dynamic, ad hoc network environment. However, the application of directional antennas (e.g., phased-array or sectorized antennas) in a dynamic network of mobile nodes requires coordination of antenna steering at both(More)
Researchers have proposed the Core Based Trees (CBT) and Protocol Independent Multicasting (PIM) protocols to route multicast data on internetworks. In this paper, we compare the simulated performance of CBT and PIM using the OPNET network simulation tool. Performance metrics include end-to-end delay, network resource usage, join time, the size of the(More)
BACKGROUND Robotic-assisted locomotor training has demonstrated some efficacy in individuals with neurological injury and is slowly gaining clinical acceptance. Both exoskeletal devices, which control individual joint movements, and elliptical devices, which control endpoint trajectories, have been utilized with specific patient populations and are(More)