J. Bhattacharya

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Both intuition and creativity are associated with knowledge creation, yet a clear link between them has not been adequately established. First, the available empirical evidence for an underlying relationship between intuition and creativity is sparse in nature. Further, this evidence is arguable as the concepts are diversely operationalized and the measures(More)
The huge demand in online transactions calls for a secure, safe and accurate authentication system. The biometric system such as face, iris, fingerprint, gait has already replaced the existing manual inspection process and surveillance systems in many disciplines. Amongst all these biometrics, face is more attractive as it provides information such as(More)
This paper proposes a robust approach to recognize hand gesture which involves face parts like chin, cheeks, eyes and head in the context of sign language recognition and also attacks the problem of interference between face and hand. ICondensation algorithm is used to track the face, skin color segmentation is applied on face to eliminate eyes, and simple(More)
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