J. Bhattacharya

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This paper presents a new multimodal biometric approach using face and periocular biometric. The available face recognition algorithm performance in presence of multiple variations such as illumination, pose, expression, occlusion and plastic surgery is not satisfactory. Also, periocular biometrics face problems in presence of spectacles, head angle, hair(More)
This paper proposes an automatic gesture recognition approach for Indian Sign Language (ISL). Indian sign language uses both hands to represent each alphabet. We propose an approach which addresses local-global ambiguity identification, inter-class variability enhancement for each hand gesture. Hand region is segmented and detected by YCbCr skin color model(More)
Porous silicon based piezoresistive pressure sensor has been designed, fabricated and tested in the range of 0 to 1 bar and temperature range of 20/spl deg/C to 80/spl deg/C. A suitable signal conditioning analog circuit consisting of constant current generator and an offset adjustable low noise instrumentation amplifier has been designed and tested. The(More)
This paper proposes a robust approach to recognize hand gesture which involves face parts like chin, cheeks, eyes and head in the context of sign language recognition and also attacks the problem of interference between face and hand. ICondensation algorithm is used to track the face, skin color segmentation is applied on face to eliminate eyes, and simple(More)
Human Action and Expression plays a vital role for the recognition of faces in various applications. Since various technique are implemented for the recognition of various facial expressions. But here in this paper a complete survey of all these techniques implemented for facial expression is analyzed and discussed here so that on the basis of their various(More)
This paper proposes a technique to generate a panoramic view in realtime by combining images acquired at different light exposures and camera orientations. A new framework termed as Generalized Feature Vector (GFV) is used to detect and match features for image alignment and stitching. A scale space filtering operation is further applied over the composite(More)
The concept of compression comes from the need to store data using as less space as possible and to ease transfer of data through a channel. The proposed algorithm deals with compression of text files using character replacement technique. For every string of length six, it is compressed by assigning a single character to it, maintaining a dictionary. The(More)
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