J. Bhattacharya

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This paper presents a new multimodal biometric approach using face and periocular biometric. The available face recognition algorithm performance in presence of multiple variations such as illumination, pose, expression, occlusion and plastic surgery is not satisfactory. Also, periocular biometrics face problems in presence of spectacles, head angle, hair(More)
Decimal data processing applications have grown exponentially in recent years thereby increasing the need to have hardware support for decimal arithmetic. Binary to BCD conversion forms the basic building block of decimal digit multipliers. This paper presents novel high speed low power architecture for fixed bit binary to BCD conversion which is at least(More)
This paper proposes a robust approach to recognize hand gesture which involves face parts like chin, cheeks, eyes and head in the context of sign language recognition and also attacks the problem of interference between face and hand. ICondensation algorithm is used to track the face, skin color segmentation is applied on face to eliminate eyes, and simple(More)
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