J. Berman

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  • A. Forche, D. Abbey, T. Pisithkul, M. A. Weinzierl, T. Ringstrom, D. Bruck +2 others
  • 2011
UNLABELLED Genetic diversity is often generated during adaptation to stress, and in eukaryotes some of this diversity is thought to arise via recombination and reassortment of alleles during meiosis. Candida albicans, the most prevalent pathogen of humans, has no known meiotic cycle, and yet it is a heterozygous diploid that undergoes mitotic recombination(More)
An acoustic-phonetic feature-and knowledge-based system for the automatic segmentation, broad categorization and fine phoneme recognition of continuous speech is described. The system uses an auditory-based front-end processing and incorporates new knowledge-based algorithms to automatically segments the speech into phoneme-like segments that are further(More)
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