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The primary focus of this investigation was to determine whether differences exist between the preferred transition speed (PTS) and the energetically optimal transition speed (EOTS) in a group of adolescents. Ten 11-, ten 13-, and ten 15-year-olds completed four testing sessions. Following 30 min of accommodation to treadmill walking and running (session(More)
Loss of rainforest occurs in part because of a global market failure problem. Markets routinely transmit signals about international demands for forest products such as timber, but fail to transmit signals about demands for preservation. To make efficient resource allocation choices, decision makers need some framework to estimate the non-use values that(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders defined behaviorally by abnormalities in social, verbal, and nonverbal communication. The etiologies of ASD are unknown, likely to be the result of a variety of numerous genetic, neurological, environmental, and immunological interactions that lead to a general(More)
BACKGROUND Acute viral bronchiolitis is the most common diagnosis resulting in hospital admission in pediatrics. Utilization of non-evidence-based therapies and testing remains common despite a large volume of evidence to guide quality improvement efforts. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to reduce utilization of unnecessary therapies in the inpatient care of(More)
Choice modelling (CM) is a stated preference technique that is increasingly being used to generate estimates of non-market values. In CM applications, respondents to a survey are presented with several sets of options, which contain common attributes but at varying levels, and are asked to select their preferred alternative from each set. The information(More)
The paper focuses on and investigates discrete-choice parametric econometric models which attempt to incorporate preference heterogeneity in a multinomial setting. Both IIA (Independence on Irrelevant Alternatives) based models, as conditional logit, and models which relax the IIA assumption, are taken into consideration. The consistency of CL(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of heterogeneous, behaviorally defined disorders characterized by disturbances in social interaction and communication, often with repetitive and stereotyped behavior. Previous studies have described the presence of antibodies to various neural proteins in autistic individuals as well as post-mortem evidence of(More)
Declining populations in rural and regional areas have become a high political priority in Australia. Calls for measures to support rural communities have been prompted by substantial population declines in some country areas. In Europe and the USA, similar political pressures to halt population losses in rural and regional areas are also apparent; often as(More)