J. Batlle Aguilar

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The goals of the Triple Aim of health care and the goals of P4 medicine outline objectives that require a significant health informatics component. However, the goals do not provide specifications about how all of the new individual patient data will be combined in meaningful ways and with data from other sources, like epidemiological data, to promote the(More)
Abstract. Asymptomatic individuals in the context of malarial disease refers to subjects who carry a parasite load but do not show clinical symptoms. A correct understanding of the influence of asymptomatic individuals on transmission dynamics will provide a comprehensive description of the complex interplay between the definitive host (femaleAnopheles(More)
AquaTerra is one of the first environmental projects within the 6th Framework program by the European Commission. It began in June 2004 with a multidisciplinary team of 45 partner organizations from 13 EU countries, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania and Montenegro. Results from sampling and modeling in 4 large river basins (Ebro, Danube, Elbe and Meuse) and one(More)
Background The past few years have seen a tremendous increase in the size and complexity of datasets. Scientific and clinical studies must to incorporate datasets that cross multiple spatial and temporal scales to describe a particular phenomenon. The storage and accessibility of these heterogeneous datasets in a way that is useful to researchers and yet(More)
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