J Barry Johnson

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This is the first multicenter prospective study of outcomes of tibial neurolysis in diabetics with neuropathy and chronic compression of the tibial nerve in the tarsal tunnels. A total of 38 surgeons enrolled 628 patients using the same technique for diagnosis of compression, neurolysis of four medial ankle tunnels, and objective outcomes: ulceration,(More)
The pharmacokinetic values of d,l-leucovorin and l-leucovorin were compared in eight healthy volunteers following oral administration of 25 mg d,l-leucovorin and 12.5 mg l-leucovorin. Serum levels of l-5-for-myltetrahydrofolate, l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and total reduced folates were measured by an established microbiological method. Pharmacokinetic data(More)
Predictive ability of a positive Tinel sign over the tibial nerve in the tarsal was evaluated as a prognostic sign in determining sensory outcomes after distal tibial neurolysis in diabetics with chronic nerve compression at this location. Outcomes were evaluated with a visual analog score (VAS) for pain and measurements of the cutaneous pressure(More)