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We argue that the software engineering (SE) community could have a significant impact on the future of the discipline by focusing its efforts on improving the education of software engineers. There are some bright spots such as the various projects to codify knowledge, and the development of undergraduate SE programs. However, there remain several key(More)
Despite centuries of work, dating back to Galileo, the molecular basis of bone's toughness and strength remains largely a mystery. A great deal is known about bone microsctructure and the microcracks that are precursors to its fracture, but little is known about the basic mechanism for dissipating the energy of an impact to keep the bone from fracturing.(More)
There is a "folk belief" that certain personalities fit with particular systems development roles: however, there is little evidence to confirm this supposition. As part of a larger study an XP development team was investigated using a repertory grid approach (this is discussed in detail) to determine whether coherent personalities and characteristics(More)
In 1999 a document entitled the "Harmonization of Professional Standards " way released for evaluation within the computing community. The document, which had been produced under the auspices of IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), essentially provides a framework for professionalism and it covers six key areas: ethics of professional(More)