J. Bandín - Diéguez

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M uscle-eye-brain disease (MEB; OMIM 253280) was first described in 1977 in Finland, where it is enriched because of founder effect and genetic isolation. MEB is now known to occur throughout the world, but Finland remains the country with the largest group of MEB patients. MEB patients present as floppy infants with visual problems and severe mental(More)
Background. Intraventricular meningiomas are rare tumours that represent about 2% of all intracra-nial meningiomas, and represent one of the most challenging problems in neurosurgery. They are located deep within the brain and often are sizable and highly vascular. We report on a series of 10 meningiomas of the lateral ventricles treated at our institution(More)
This is a retrospective study en 189 cases of colorectal polyps, from 1985-1989 including medical record review, pathologic diagnosis and surgical management. The main symptom was rectal bleeding. The follow up period and it's relation to colorectal cancer was evaluated, considering this entity as a premalignant lesion. 189 histopathology slides were(More)
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