J. Bakhashwain

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A synthesized method for speed control of a three-phase induction motor (IM) based on optimal preview control system theory is implemented in this article. An IM model comprises three-input variables and three-output variables that coincide with the synchronous reference frame that is implemented using the vector method. The input variables of this model(More)
An embedded controller is designed to generate the control law for robotic manipulators. Since the manipulator speed is limited by the mechanical constraints of the robot arm, the system's throughout should be optimized for generation of the required control law based on the data received from the robot's position sensors. "Mohseni's Proposed Algorithm",(More)
In this paper, a new biometric identification approach based on the human iris is proposed. The main idea of the technique is to represent the features of the iris with the extracted contour of the inner iris. The extracted boundary includes a wealth of information about the person to allow accurate identification. The technique is fundamentally different(More)
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